Jar-How Lee

Dr. Jar-How Lee is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at the Terasaki Innovation Center (TIC), a nonprofit organization focused on researching the specific mechanisms through which antibodies affect transplant outcomes. The Terasaki Innovation Center is continuing the work of transplant pioneer, Dr. Paul Terasaki. Dr. Lee is also a board member and the Treasurer of the TIC. Dr. Lee received his BA degree from the National Taiwan University and his PhD from the Department of Microbiology at UCLA. His field of study was bacterial gene regulation. He was the recipient of the Sidney C. Rittenberg Award in 1981 which is presented to outstanding graduate students in the Department of Microbiology. He then joined INGENE, a biotech company in Santa Monica, CA focusing on producing biologically active proteins in yeast expression and secretion systems. In 1989, Dr. Lee joined One Lambda, Inc. as the Research Director to develop diagnostic tools for transplant compatibility. He led the successful development of monoclonal antibodies and DNA-base tissue typing reagents, natural and recombinant HLA antigens for patient antibody profiling. In 1998, in collaboration with scientific leaders in the HLA field, Dr. Lee and his team at One Lambda developed the micro particle technologies for detection and identification of HLA antibodies. These technologies were seen as paradigm shifting evolution in clinical histocompatibility testing. In October of 2019, Dr. Lee officially retired from One Lambda. Dr. Lee is married, has three children and two grandchildren with a third one on the way. When he is not in the laboratory or looking at data, Dr. Lee enjoys attending to his extensive collection of orchids.