Dorry Segev

Johns Hopkins University

Dorry Segev, MD, PhD, is a Professor of Surgery and Epidemiology and Associate Vice Chair of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University. He has published over 650 peer-reviewed research articles, and is ranked #1 worldwide in organ transplantation expertise and influence by ExpertScape. Reflecting his contributions to health care, he was recently elected into the National Academy of Medicine. Reflecting the creativity and broad reach of his contributions, he received a prestigious Global Thinker Award from Foreign Policy Magazine and was named an Innovators of the Year by TIME Magazine. His work has directly influenced policy, including two Congressional bills (the Norwood Act for kidney exchange and the HOPE Act for HIV-to-HIV transplants), and is regularly featured in widely read media including several front-page features in the New York Times. In the context of the pandemic, Dr. Segev has shifted his research to better understanding coronavirus and its implications in solid organ transplantation.