Dimitri Monos


Dr. Monos received his B.S. (Biology) from the University of Patras, Greece and his PhD (Biochemistry/Immunology) from Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Dr. Monos is currently the Evelyn Willing Bromley Professor of Pathology and Lab Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania and Director of the Immunogenetics Laboratory supporting the transplant programs, at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He has contributed in identifying the exact structural elements on the different HLA molecules associated with several autoimmune diseases and through genome-wide association studies identify additional genomic regions associated with autoimmunity. Most recently, his lab has identified miRNAs encoded by the HLA genes and the MHC. These new findings identify a new functional role for the HLA genes potentially influencing a large number of cellular pathways that may explain the significant associations of these genes with many diseases. He is the author of more than 160 original publications and served on the editorial boards of several journals. Dr. Monos has been invited to present his work at different Universities, National and International meetings. His work has been funded by: NIH, ADA, JDF, University of Pennsylvania, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Diabetes Research and Education Foundation, National Marrow Donor Program and other foundations.