Derek Middleton

University of Liverpool

Prof Derek Middleton, is a Consultant Clinical Scientist and has worked in the H&I field, almost exclusively as Head of Department, for nearly 50 years. He provided on-call advisory service single handed for 45 years. He graduated from Queen's University, Belfast, initially with B.Sc Hons in Microbiology and then a Ph.D in the Faculty of Medicine, entitled “ Immunological monitoring of Renal Transplant Patients”. In 2001 he received the D..Sc degree at Queen's University by submission of published work. He has more than 370 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals Along with Prof Phil Dyer he founded the British Society of Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics and was chairman of the Society 1993-1996.
After working in the N.Ireland H&I Lab for 37 years he moved to a similar position in Liverpool in 2009 and retired from clinical work in 2020

Dr. Middleton is the originator and webmaster of He received ASHI’s Distinguished Scientist Award in 2013 and received the UK NHS Healthcare Scientist of the Year Award in 2012. He was the Joint-President of 17th International Histocompatibility Workshop, 2017 [with Prof Steve Marsh] and Co-Chair/Organizer of 16th Workshop, Liverpool, 2012. Dr. Middleton initiated the N. Ireland BMDR, directing scientific aspect and Chair of Fund Raising Committee.

He held Professorship at University Of Ulster [N.Ireland], and still holds Chair at University of Liverpool. He is the Editor of the International Journal of Immunogenetics, section editor of Human Immunology and was a member of Editorial Board of Tissue Antigens. He has been invited to lecture in more than 30 countries and has supervised more than 50 students. Dr. Middleton has developed molecular typing methods in Belfast since 1982 and has helped labs in other countries to establish these techniques.